• About


    Azure Holding Group is a company focused on the investment and growth of acquired assets in the precious metal space. The company recently announced its acquisition of a well known mining company in the Southern California area that has a proven history of gold excavation. Recent geological surveys point to sizable deposits in the form of underground veins.


    Azure has also expanded its scope of operations internationally with the purchase of mining rights abroad most notably in Northwestern Mexico. The land assets are located in a region with a rich legacy of precious metal mining.


    AZRH is planning on updating its financials and disclosures with the OTC Markets to get current as a pink sheet company.


    Look for exciting news to be released soon and also announcements regarding the new management team that will manage the precious metal assets and mining rights of the company moving forward.

    Azure Has The Knowledge That Counts.

    Over 150 years combined experience!

    With a combined experience of over 150 years in the precious metals mining sector, Azure Holdings has gathered the right set of individuals to help identity, explore, mine, and excavate precious metals while delivering an outstanding ROI.

  • Our Mission


    As a precious metals investment firm, Azure embraces 5 simple yet powerful goals:


    1) Exploration: We continually strive to seek the most lucrative metals assets across the globe through our thorough dude diligence and on-ground analysis


    2) Mining: Employ the latest technologies to extract the assets acquired


    3) Deliver Outstanding ROI: Provide our partners and investors with A STRONG AND STABLE return on investment


    4) Meet Global Demand: Meet the rare and precious metal demands of growing/emerging economies


    5) Be A Part Of The Green Revolution: Conduct our mining operations

    Focused On Growth.

    Due diligence is the key!

    Our team at Azure has committed itself to finding lucrative precious metal assets that will provide long-term stable growth and returns for our investors. We have both the technical and on-the-ground experience to seek out the best untapped mining assets.

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